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Sandwich structure

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Introduction of sandwich structure


Sandwich structure is the special form of a kind of layered composites and is combined by different materials, which achieve structure advantage of the whole system by integrating the features of each components.
Simple sandwich structure is made up of three parts: panel, core material and glue joint, and the load is transmitted through glue joint between the other two parts. The function of sandwich structure is to enable light core material with certain thickness to bear shearing stress and to separate two relatively firm and thin load panels, which is almost the same as the principle of separating upper edge and lower edge using the rib plate of I-beam. Core material has the same function as that of the rib plate, that is, bears horizontal load, but the difference in that core material can bear horizontal load from all directions while the rib plate can bear only horizontal load from the direction within the beam. In this way, carrying capacity is enhanced greatly by slightly increasing the weight of core material, generally the increased weight are just several percentage points.

The characteristics of sandwich structure

High strength toweight ratio

The high intensityand weight ratio of core material enables it to be utilized in various areas-faster, remoter and strongereffectively load capacity or being able to reduce energy requirement-all the above mentioned characteristics can bring about betteroperational economic efficiency.

Good dynamic property

Composite core materialcould provide great dynamic property, which makes it the ideal material that isvibration-resistant and shock-resistant in load area.

Low water absorption

Structural foam coresare closed-cell structure which enable them to have extremely low waterabsorption, so water could not get into them in reality.

Excellent effect ofsound and heat insulation

Structural foamy corematerial has excellent property of sound and heat insulation, so extrasound-insulation and heat-insulation materials that will raise the weight andcost of structural materials are not in need.

Craftsmanship of sandwich structure

Laminating craft is usual adopted when using Vicell foam as core material to manufacture sandwich structure. It is recommended to control heel block by adjusting thickness in order to avoid exceeding bubble elastic creep limit especially when solidification is underway in the mold.
In order to promote foamy core material to large-load and light structure, an important way is to increase its shearing strength. Because the performance improvement of foamy core material is usually achieved through increasing density, hence it is necessary to find a way of combining fiber-strengthening with foamy core material. An structural successful method is to add a ventral structure penetrating through a 45 angle and the size can be adjusted according to the stress requirement. The interfacial property between foamy core material and thin-gauge skin can be helpful to increase structural shocking injured biliary. The interfacial property between foamy core material and thin-gauge skin can be strengthened by using z-direction fiber. According to research and application, acupuncture and sewing are effective ways of improving foamy core material.

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